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Elevated Elegance: Maserati MC20 Cielo Transformed with 7Design ARIA Carbon Body Kit


The innovative design firm, 7Design, has elevated Maserati's already exclusive supercar, the MC20 Cielo Primaserie, to an entirely new level. Reimagined as the MC20 ARIA, it now holds the distinction of being the world's most luxurious MC20, with the tuner's enhancements increasing its value north of $500,000.

"Our clients have exceptionally high expectations for quality and personalization, which is why we provide a variety of carbon fiber materials, including options like this blue-tinted 4x4 twill weave carbon. Owners also have the choice of selecting forged carbon or the OEM-matched carbon for those who prefer a more classic appearance. We've created new elements for the aerodynamic program, such as a high wing and freshly designed components, that are available for our clients upon request." - Peter Eskander, founder of 7Design.

The limited carbon fiber kit delivers a significant 123% increase in aero efficiency, enhancing the vehicle's performance. The aero program was designed to strike a perfect balance between aggression and elegance, while staying true to the car's original design language.

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