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7 Design House releases their exclusive “ARIA Carbon" Kit for Maserati MC20


  • Limited availability remaining 

  • 8 component carbon fiber conversion will be aero optimized for maximum performance.

  • Reservations are LIVE


New York based design firm, 7 Design House has revamped their ARIA aero kit for the Maserati MC20. Shortly after the launch of the MC20 back in September 2020, 7 Design House and Estonian designer Siim Parn (@spdesignest on instagram) teamed up to transform the elegant MC20 into a track focused supercar. 


“We originally designed a full body panel conversion kit for MC20. We then shifted our focus to develop a kit that truly works in harmony with the original bodywork.” ARIA Aero Kit only replaces the unpainted components of MC20. This allows for a less invasive installation for customers.”


The 8 component carbon kit begins in the front end. Modifications include aggressive and sculpted aerodynamics, in the shape of a deep, thin lip spoiler meant to increase downforce at higher speeds. Canards are added to each end of the front bumper to further guide airflow down the corners of the car for stability. 


The rear end has been transformed most notably with a massive diffuser that compliments the original body lines. This creates a smooth slipstream for the underside, while also significantly decreasing drag behind the car. The striking rear wing generates downforce to increase grip and stability. The kit also includes a widened side skirt, carbon mirror covers, roof scoop, and door fin accent. Each component will be finished in high quality gloss carbon fiber weave. Wheel options will also be offered.


“Our vision with the ARIA aero kit was to give the MC20 a menacing presence while maintaining the subtle beauty it holds from the factory.”  The firm also states the kit will be limited unit production, making it an extremely rare modification set for an already highly anticipated supercar.


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Renders created by @Alibiev.Auto (Instagram)