Introducing the worlds premier and most exclusive Aero Kit for the 2021 Maserati MC20

Designed by Siim Pärn, the carbon fiber ARIA Aero kit invigorates the racing spirit the MC20 was hiding from the factory.

Pure and powerful lines were inspired by the most track focused vehicles to bring racing DNA to the MC20. Each body panel creates one complete package that is not only breathtaking but aerodynamically efficient for performance. 

ARIA Aero Kit is a limited production run of 

ONLY 25 units.

7 Designs introduces the Maserati MC20 Aria Aero kit! MC20 Aria is the worlds premier and most exclusive carbon fiber aero kit for the 2021 Maserati MC20. MC20 Aria Aero Kit. 

SEVEN DESIGNS specializes in supercar customization, luxury car customization, carbon fiber work, 


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