Emotion. Purity. Ambition. 


MC20 ARIA was designed to evoke the breathtaking emotion we felt as children in the presence of supercars. 


The carbon overhaul injects racing DNA into the MC20 while maintaining the purity of the original design.


Our team is driven with immense ambition to bring this vision into reality. By partnering with the best manufacturers in the carbon fiber industry, we are thrilled to offer ARIA to 25 customers.


ARIA Aero Kit is a limited production run of 

ONLY 25 units.

SEVEN DESIGNS specializes in supercar customization, luxury car customization, carbon fiber work, 

7 Designs introduces the Maserati MC20 Aria Aero kit! MC20 Aria is the worlds premier and most exclusive carbon fiber aero kit for the 2021 Maserati MC20. MC20 Aria Aero Kit. 



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Abstract Futuristic Background

About Us

7 Designs was launched in 2020 when the opportunity to bring our MC20 vision to life came about. Our ambition to bring ARIA to life began shortly after the MC20 was shown to the world.


We have partnered up with the best carbon fiber manufacturer in the industry with over 3 decades of experience to develop  ARIA carbon fiber parts.